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First night, new fights

Silver Arrows

British style.
Nothing matter for the champion. Once more, Lewis did a clean race from the beginning. The British took definitely his winning position at 40th lap after a a moment of strategy threat from Ferrari.

Deutsche Qualität.
For his team mate, it was quite different.
Moral in those competitions is very important. And at the moment when it was said that apparently the German was not really high at that level, he woke up on the track. We saw an offensive Rosberg, nobody in Red resisted him, only his brakes at the end, let Kimi take his second place. Hoping that Nico will not be affected and will continue on this way. It could show us beautiful battles.


Between a Button announcing that he won’t race about 30 minutes before the start (electronic issues) and a Massa’s car didn’t start at formation lap, the lights were green for other setbacks. Finally, Felipe started from pit and finished the race at 10th, with one point.
It was not the case for the little bulls, the two rookies abandoned at the middle, few laps between each other. It is kind disappointing, when spectators are waiting to see more from them now. But nothing is done, one GP does not run for all.
How a 2015 race without our national Pastor, who started not bad, with some mistakes but a good progression and at lap 43, was forced to his unfortunately usual abandon after an issue on his car.
Let’s finish with this lucky note for Ricciardo, who did an absolutely constant race without leaving his t 6th position with an “explosive” final: in fact, just before the finish line, his engine blew up. Fortunately, he has enough impulse to cross the decisive line.

Finns healed from sins

The fortress wall.
Bottas can be qualified by those two words. Around the 40th lap, Vettel stopped in box to replace car’s nose. A pit stop too long which condemned his chances to catch up Lewis, the German exited from pit behind the Finn and stayed there until the end, despite his attempts to pass him. The Williams, third force on the track ,would not let pass the second red force: the battle is win, the war is ope.

After the race, all Kimi’s supporters posted “Kimi’s back”. And they are maybe right. In this race, he was maybe the one who did the most impressive race. It was the Kimi that everyone was waiting since a long time: offensive, quick and smart. At the beginning, his start was great, passing Rosberg. He lost that advantage after, but no matter, he put pressure on his team mate until pit stop. The most stunning was at the second part of the GP. At 41th lap he stopped in box, putting new soft tires and exit behind Rosberg, with more 20 seconds delay. It was the battle between soft versus medium. The Finn transformed himself in a red arrow, and literally ate in a few laps the time separating him from the German. An issue with his brakes forced Nico to let the second place for the unstoppable Kimi, who did not stop to take time on Lewis until the last lap.

As showed, Ferrari does not stop threating the Silver Arrows, and sometimes taking some advantage, but those are for the time, a little stronger to be defeat by the Red. Everything is coming, things go fast, and remember, at second GP, Vettel was first. Step by step, Ferrari puts a toe in Silver Ocean.

Angélique Belokopytov


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