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The « V » domination of victory

Last days, we could see on social networks some drivers describing Malaysian race in three words. Today we can use only one: stunning! Not a minute to get bored between unremitting battles, and over all, the Sebastian Vettel’s winning, destabilizing in one race all Hamilton and Mercedes’ agreed supremacy.

From the beginning to the end, no matter if drivers were first or two laps late, the 56 laps were a show of their fury to race and gain positions. The interval between each car was narrowed after the leaving of safety car, the lights were green for a second fighting start. And who’s saying battle, is saying too collisions, as we could see between Hülkenberg and Kvyat, or Ericsson after the start, finishing at that moment his race.

After confirmation of his participation, Alonso was saying that the team wasn’t as bad as people was thinking, they “are making very big progress”. He added that they have a lot of work to do but if they improve speed about 1”5 at each GP, they will be soon on the top of the grid. So, spectators were waiting for this race to see it on track, and finally, quite low results. The Spanish abandoned quite quickly, and Button kept up until the 42 th lap, a problem on his car ended his race. Currently, the top of the grid is rolling away from the team, same as the possibility to be threatening.

The Bulls
In the impulse of battles, Bulls team demonstrated their ferocity. Battles between Ricciardo and Kvyat, between Sainz and Verstappen, or fights mixed up Toro Rosso and Red Bull. Firstly, the two “Dan”, were strongly struggling, the Australian was a wall for the Russian, who finally passed his team mate on last laps. But, the strongest of all, was Max Verstappen, who led the bull’s pack. They all finished the race with points, Max is classified 7th, followed by Carlos Sainz Jr, Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo at the 10th position.

Vettel sur le podium - Malaisie 2015
Vettel sur le podium – Malaisie 2015

The Reds
The dominating color of the day, the color of the threat and the color of Italian’s rebirth. “Ferrari is
back” as said in Vettel’s headset when he crossed the finishing line. The supremacy of Silver
arrows is shaken only after the second GP of the season. And the classifying proves that: two Ferrari surrounding two Mercedes. Both teams did a good and proper race, all drivers signed at least one fastest lap and maintained their driving. With almost perfect GP for Hamilton and Vettel, even if Rosberg was less offensive than expected. Not forgetting about Kimi Raikkönen, who achieved an excellent race, despite of all problems he faced and ended at 4th position.

The V
V for Verstappen, V for Vettel, and of course, V for victory. For his second race in Formula 1, the rookie was really impressive. Starting by his position on the grid, until the end of the race, he showed his abilities, and not the lowest. Not hesitating to defend his position or fight to gain one, the 17 years-old driver confirmed that, although critics about his young age, he has his place in this competition. Even if he sometimes does youth’s mistakes yet, we can say that for the ones, who were waiting proofs of the right of his presence in F1, they can’t just admit that after this race. Of course, anything is done after two GP, let’s hope he will keep this rhythm. On the other hand, we have the little Schumacher, who maybe will do the same as his idol for Ferrari. We saw the Vettel as we known, he relives: an offensive driver, optimist, a fighter but steady, who seemed to be his car and the car being him. He did a proper race, passed Rosberg with a baffling ease. But also a humble Vettel, always looks like winning for the first time. It’s a double revolution: the German is back, and since a long time, the one who really threat Hamilton. Malaysian Grand Prix is physically one of the hardest race, and today, is hard for Silver Arrows: just after Hamilton was greeting Ferrari’s improvements, maybe he was greeting his own defeat. It seems that the silver reign is rocked by a red storm. The season starts well, and promises beautiful races.


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